October 6, 2008

Ford Finally Gets It… Really!

It's a rare day when I find a U.S. Automaker doing something in their marketing that's right… really right.  According to CNN, Ford is introducing a new feature geared towards parents of teenage drivers. It's a special computer chip encoded key that limits the maximum speed of the car and nags the driver to death if his or her seat belt is not on.

Finally, somebody is listening to parents!

Amazing they got it right… and equally amazing it took this long.

So what's unique about this marketing move? Three things:

1) It targets a very specific, well define, target customer - parents with teenage drivers

2) It solves a problem for that audience that they really care about– keeping teenagers safe from their own, sometimes not so good, judgment.

3) It's unique

From a marketing standpoint, this is a very good combination. It's a formula that any company in any industry can replicate.  Target a specific customer segment, Solve their problem, and do so in a unique way.

This formula / checklist is something that I personally look for when looking at candidates for our Bookmercial publishing service — after all it's pretty much impossible to create an excellent Bookmercial if there is nothing unique about the author, the company, or its products.

It's also a part of my mental checklist of what makes marketing good when I serve as a guest expert for television and radio broadcasts (Victor Cheng in the News).

I encourage you to follow Ford's example (OMG can't believe I just said that… but hey, I gotta give credit where credit is due) and: 1) target a specific customer segment, 2) solve their problem, and 3) do so in a unique way.

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